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At Laurisha Jewellery, we pride ourselves on both our expertise and our incredible range of fine jewellery and gemstones. Featuring a wide array of colours, clarities, and cuts, all of our gemstones can be made into bespoke jewellery pieces to bring you a lifetime of shine and glamour.

From the intense reds of garnets to the luxurious purples of amethysts, our collection features nearly every colour and hue one can imagine. Fascinating in rings and captivating in pendants, our gemstones often take centre-stage due to the magnificent depth and richness of their colours.

When choosing a loose gem to be made into your very own bespoke piece, several things must be considered. Firstly, the correlation between the hue of your chosen gemstone and the type of metal setting you wish to use in your piece should be complimentary. Within a gemstone type, such as sapphire, there are many different hues to choose from; while many can range between the violet-blue velvets, sapphires can also come in pinks, greens and yellows!

Secondly, the next factor that should be considered when choosing a gem is the gems durability. For example, diamonds are a 10 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, making them an excellent, classical choice for rings.

Lastly, the cut of your gemstone is most often a factor of subjective choice, as all of our gemstones are cut with experience and expertise. For a gemstone to reveal its true colour in a bespoke jewellery piece, the cut must attain the perfect level of depth; for if a gem is cut too low or too high, the colour will fade or become too dark to let in natural light. For our gemstones, all have been cut to show the best achievable saturation.

From fascinating tourmalines to frozen drops of aquamarine, our gemstone collection at our Sunshine Coast Laurisha Jewellery workshop is sure to have a piece to suit you. To see more of our collection, we invite you to visit us in-store in Montville, behind the Waterwheel!

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