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25+ years creating one of a kind pieces.

Welcome to Laurisha Jewellery, the blue gem of the hinterland and your preferred bespoke jeweller of the Sunshine Coast.

Located in the heart of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland region, we turn your ideas into reality with one-off pieces of custom made jewellery.

What sets Laurisha Jewellery apart? You consult and work directly with the master jeweller himself. With over 25 years working in the jewellery world, Ishkhan has honed his design process making it unique, personal and customer friendly.


He turns what can often be a complicated process into something easy to be a part of and understand. Delivering one-off, unique pieces made to your own specifications. Read more about our bespoke jewellery services below.

Custom Wedding and

Engagement Rings...

It’s a special time in the life of a loved-up couple. Time to design your Engagement and or Wedding rings. For many this is a once in a lifetime chance to create their dream ring, which can often feel daunting. Our mission is to make it as stress free and enjoyable as it should be! We will guide you through the process of designing your dream ring. Once you have fallen in love with the design, the rest us up to us, in our onsite workshop is where the magic happens. The perfect blend of high-quality craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, will ensure the best possible outcome for your Engagement and Wedding rings.

Custom Made Jewellery...

We are proud to offer a comprehensive custom design and making jewellery service.
There are many ways which clients can go about having their dream piece made. Sometimes you will come to us with a comprehensive design idea in mind. If not (like most clients) we are happy to help guide you through the step by step process to achieving your dream piece of jewellery. After discussing your likes and personal requirements, we sit down and draw up a set of design options. Sometimes you will fall in love with the first option, other times we will keep working the design until you are completely happy, it’s all part of the process. Once we have a complete design concept, we write up a quotation.  From here it’s your choice to go ahead or not, with design and quote in hand you are welcome to take your time to make a decision. This design and quoting service is complimentary and completely obligation free.


Once you have made the decision to go ahead, we allow 4-6 weeks to create your piece. 

Jewellery Remodelling...

Have you got old gold, one lost earring, broken chains etc? Many of us have a collection of bits-and-pieces like this. The good news is that all of that can be used towards a brand-new piece of jewellery.  We also specialise in remodelling existing (perhaps inherited or outdated) jewellery, into gorgeous new and current creations.



Jewellery Repair...

Laurisha jewellery offers a full onsite jewellery repair service. Our repair services include; resizing rings up and down in size, rhodium plating, re-shanking (replacing worn-out, thin or broken ring bands), repairing broken chains, clasps, replacing and resetting lost stones, and much more. Ishkhan’s wealth of experience accompanied by many advanced technologies in his workshop allows him to repair jewellery that others cannot. Bring your jewellery repairs in for a complimentary evaluation and quote. 

Laser Engraving...

Laurisha Jewellery is proud to offer cutting-edge laser engraving technology as part of our service. This means that you can have a sentimental date or name inscribed with laser precision onto your new or existing piece of jewellery. We can laser engrave onto any metal, including golds, silver, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel. A true asset to our bespoke jewellery services.

Jewellery Valuations...

Whether you are insuring your precious pieces of jewellery or have inherited a family heirloom, it is worthwhile to have an official valuation certificate written for it. Laurisha jewellery provides you access to outsourced accredited jewellery and gemstone valuers, with ease of access through our gallery. We use valuers specialising in all areas of jewellery, from antiques to loose gemstones.  It’s very important for insurance purposes to have itemised valuation certificates for your jewellery, your insurer will require one, and we can help!

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