The Garnet: A timeless treasure

As we welcome in the new year, what better way than to start things off with January’s spectacular birthstone, Garnet?

Of all gemstones, Garnet has remained one of the most famous and beloved red gemstones throughout history. Dating back to the Bronze Age, Garnet was used significantly in ancient Egyptian jewellery to symbolise good health and prosperity. During the middle ages, Garnet then transformed to symbolise trust and affection, and no wonder—from its deep red colours to the incredible hue depths, Garnets are the definition of romance!

The word ‘Garnet’ owes its roots to the latin word, ‘Garanatus’, which translates to ‘seedlike’. This refers to the gorgeous bright crimson seeds of the popular fruit, pomegranate—and you can definitely see why this comparison was made! When gathered in clusters, the ripe reds of a Garnet seem positively bursting with vibrancy. In old Spain, the love of the pomegranate went hand in hand with the love for Garnets, and any look at old-style Spanish jewellery will tell you all you need to know about this passionate love affair!

Also outstandingly popular in the Victorian era, many could consider Garnet the stone that traversed both the romantic and grand period of that time. Highly fashionable in both brooches, earrings, and rings, Garnet became the symbol of affection and trust amongst young lovers to reflect Queen Victoria’s love for her Husband, Prince Albert. Fiery, intensely saturated and classical, Garnet has been enjoyed throughout history and into more modern times.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect Garnet piece for your collection, we have many styles and cuts available in-store at our on-site workshop in the heart of Montville. Perfect as a gift for those with birthdays in January, nothing says sentimental like a gorgeous Garnet piece to start the New Year!

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